Robert Barnes 
Marietta, GA
“I was so impressed with your company’s fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks Guys!"

Richard Gruetter 
Powder Springs, GA
I called Harry at about 5:30 pm as I had a gushing water leak just down stream of my water meter. I could not turn the water off at the meter and was loosing a lot of water which affected the water supply in my home 500 ft. away. 
Harry came to my rescue in about 15 min. at the expense of having dinner with his family.
Harry had to do a lot of digging in the mud after he was able to shut the water off and repaired my leak in about an hour. Harry did a good job and I enjoyed visiting with him. It was cold but Harry never complained and simply did a good job.

I had a flood in my house and though it was my water softener system. I called several places in my area with no answer, and then came across Bataille's Plumbing who gave me a flat rate quote, which I thought, was a good price. The people came out to check the problem, I was initially informed, they did not believe the flood was being caused by the water softener system. After relocating the tanks, the water was still flowing very heavily. It turned out to be a clogged drainage pipe on my air condition, which they kindly cleared. After relocating the tank the water pressure was not good, they spent numerous hours tracing down the problem to resolve the pressure issue, (I absolutely knew this bill was going to substantially increase). The cleaned the filters and resolved the problems. I totally expected the price to change because of the number of hours they were there. MY QUOTED PRICE REMAINED UNCHANGED from the original quote, even though, they ran into problems with the relocation. This is the most ethical company I have ever dealt with and highly recommend their services.

A very happy customer,

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